Trouble Logging In

Compare your system information with the system requirements listed below.

Green Our system check indicates your system satisfies the minimum requirements for browser and cookies are accepted.
Red Our system check indicates your system does not satisfy the minimum requirements and you should ensure you meet them prior to using the application. Browser resolutions include switching to a supported browser and/or version. If cookies are not accepted by your organization, the device you are logging in with will not be remembered and upon each login will require the use of both your password and a one-time passcode to authenticate the user security purpose.
X Yellow warnings should be discussed with your IT administrator to assist with further troubleshooting other common issues for the entire organization. 
Category System Requirements   System Check
Internet Explorer 11 or higher
Chrome 70 or higher
Safari 11 or higher

It could not be determined what browser you are using.
Cookies Accepted
Could not determine your current cookie status.
Category System Requirements   Trouble Shooting Assistance and Resolution
Pop-up blocker Turned off X Ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off
Trusted site Site should be a trusted site in internet options X Whitelisting the following site URL as a trusted site in internet options:
Emails Emails are not quarantined into spam or junk from inbox X Add these emails addresses as trusted email domains to receive emails timely:
Internet Connection and Speed Broadband (Cable, DSL or faster) X If the site seems slow, run a speed test at In order for the site to operate at optimal performance, the download speed should be at least 10mbps and the upload speed should be at least 5mbps. If the speed test is sufficient in the previous step, however you feel your site still feels slow, discuss with your internal IT department the performance issues you're experiencing and ask about potential causes (network infrastructure, firewalls, IP filters, etc.).